Crew Consultation

New to yachting? Let us help you get qualified and informed.

Interested in Working on Super Yacht?

Some People are lucky and may have someone on the inside of the industry who can give them guidance, but most of us are in a position where the yachting industry is something that has sparked our interest and now we want to know more?! If this sounds like you read on…

Some questions you might be asking?………

Do I need to be qualified?

Where do I get Qualified?

How do I get a Job onboard a world traveling yacht?

How much does it cost?

Where do I start?

Where can I go?

Do I need a Visa?

How do I make sure I’m protected and looked after while i’m working on a super yacht?

All very valid questions that one of our advisers can help you answer, as well as discuss questions you might not have asked yourself or even thought about that could cost you later on down the track, should you decide to pursue a career on the super yachts.

If your new to it all and want to know if the industry is right for you, give us a call or arrange an appointment with us today. or

What is covered in the consultations and what do they cost?

Each person has a different background and different goals, when it come to being yacht crew. Some people are not even sure what those goals and there strengths are! With this in mind we cater our consultations to suit YOU, YOUR goals, YOUR specialties, YOUR Programme, YOUR strengths!

Everyones situation is different when it comes to finance and timings, so let us help you help yourself and create a plan thats best for YOU!

Some questions we often cover; 

How much is it going to cost to get qualified and employed?

Which role onboard a vessel is right for you?

How do I get qualified? (we can help you organise this)

How do I get medically fit for sea?

Where do I look for work?

What are recruitment company’s/ recruiters and how do they work?

How do I create an Industry standard CV? (we can help you organise this)

If I go overseas do I need a Visa?

Do I need a new passport?

When are the best times to look for work worldwide?

Best places to stay?

How to organise non return flights? or return flights?

What happens once I am onboard a yacht? do I need visas for every country?

What is a Seaman’s Discharge Book? And how do they work?

How often do I need to renew my qualifications?

There are many more questions that people come up with, and you may already have some, during your consultation you can ask all the biting questions you have with your advisor.

A Note from Us:

‘Please understand that our business was started with the crew in mind, we know what it’s like to be told the wrong information and to waste time and money on things we didn’t need unfortunately we learnt the hard way! which is why we have started crew consultations, we want all crew to be as clued up as possible! we get hundreds of emails asking for help, if you are not wanting to pay for a consultation we don’t have the time or resources to answer all your questions unfortunately, If your not paying for a consultation then you will need to put in the hard yards and do the research yourself, the more you know and understand the better equipped you are! We try and upload helpful information and booklets where we can so keep an eye out and feel free to follow us on facebook and instagram @tidalyachting’

If you are Qualified Crew( STCW and ENG1) then its Free to register with us online as