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  • Women in Yachting..

    Alisha King, our CEO, recently addressed the Women in Business Chamber of Commerce, sharing her compelling journey in the yachting industry and the extraordinary experiences that a life of sailing the seas encompasses. She captivatingly recounted her diverse ventures within the industry, detailing the remarkable milestones of her journey thus far. View the interview here:

  • Bringing Super Yachts to the Bay of Plenty.

    Business Bay of Plenty had a special feature we are thankful to have got the front page! Tidal Yachting aims to bolster the influx of yachts visiting New Zealand and the South Pacific, recognizing the immense value these vessels bring to our industries and parallel sectors, fostering growth. All the while, our unwavering commitment remains […]

  • Changing the Tide…

    Listen as our CEO Alisha King embarks on a journey with the Boat Princess (Nikki Vaux) she is interviewed about her forever evolving life in the maritime sector. Crossing through different trades, the challenges she has faced and dives into all the support she has had along the way. Want to meet Alisha, hear her […]